Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Connected China

Got a link yesterday from Katy Harris, who did the UI/UX/graphic design for most of my time at Memento. It's a pointer to a vlog post describing the making of Connected China -- which is a truly neat tool her company recently built.

Connected China is a data visualization tool, where the "data" in question is people -- specifically, the power players in modern China. It shows several different visualizations that illustrate how the various people and circles relate to each other -- who is connected to whom socially, what the military/political/governmental structures are and how each person fits into them, a comparison of the career paths of the top leaders, and so on. It's all very dynamic and interactive, and helpful for understanding not just who's who, but how the actual power structures hang together.

Check it out -- it's a fun illustration of what you can do with modern visualization techniques. And I suspect it's going to be helpful for understanding what's really going on in the news...

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