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More Short Takes

Another reason I follow The Economist is that, unlike most pseudo-objective US newsmagazines, they are quite explicit about their political opinions, and four times out of five I agree with them. (Their orientation is much like mine: economically-oriented, pro-free-trade, strongly socially liberal.)

This week's cover article and lead story is "The Case for Gay Marriage". Good for them: most of the US magazines are too cowardly to say it, even the ones that are liberal enough that they clearly believe it...

Sometimes, trips down Memory Lane are less than fun. For instance, reminders of what PCs were like before the manufacturers got the idea of user-serviced boxes.

We're in the process of getting rid of a pile of old hardware, as part of trying to winnow down the junk in the house. I'm pulling the hard drives from the PCs before we scrap them. I just spent half an hour getting the drive out of our old Packard Bell 486. How they ever serviced those damned things, I'm not sure...

For the record, we're throwing away: three monitors of unknown quality, ranging from 14 to 17 inches; an original Deskjet printer; an HP 890C printer (needs a little work, but generally pretty good); a 486 CPU; a somewhat-frotzed PIII CPU; a Toshiba 286 laptop with MS-DOS and (IIRC) Windows 1.0 installed; a 14.4 portable modem; and the most difficult to scrap because it was *so* cutting-edge at the time, my original Hayes Smartmodem 1200. If anyone wants any of these museum pieces, speak now before we figure out how to get the town to haul them away.

My health is going through a season of "if it's not one damned thing, it's another". My stomach is (knock on wood) clearing up -- I'm two days off the PPI without apparent problems. And the cough is slowly easing. But now I seem to have come up lame: my left thigh is weak and achy. Best guess is that I've pulled a muscle, which isn't exactly a crisis, but it's bloody annoying...

I'm convinced that part of being a TV star is having a show or movie that you will spend the rest of your life living down -- it must be included in their contracts.

The TV is currently showing Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins. This was a pilot (at least, I assume it was a pilot) from sometime in the 80's. I can't exactly call it a good movie, although it's surprisingly fun. But it includes Kate Mulgrew in what amounts to the bimbette role: an army officer who gets saved by the hero and swept up in an adventure that's way beyond her. The script, otherwise somewhat witty, is terrible for her, right down to the final breathless "Oh, yes -- *everything* is all right now". Not exactly her most shining moment...

Wow. LotR won 11 Oscars. I thought it was going to do well, but -- wow.

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