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The Startup Marathon
The Oatmeal is best known as the place for comics that are rude, crude and frequently very funny. I don't always enjoy it, but do often enough to keep reading.

This one, though -- The Terrible and Wonderful Reasons Why I Run Long Distances -- strikes an odd chord with me. Not that I run marathons: my knees can't handle even relatively modest distances of real running. (Which is why I stick to the elliptical.)

But so much of what he says feels weirdly familiar, and I think it's because it describes my attitude towards life with a startup. I mean, I have to deal with The Blerch every day. (And am thankful for now having such a fine onomatopoeic noun for it.) His point about vanity rings painfully true: you can't get into this game for *external* validation, because at *best* it'll take years to get any of that. Instead, you have to do it for yourself, and the internal validation that comes with it. And while programming doesn't give me a runner's high, when it's good there is that same sense of getting lost in it and getting beyond the demons.

It's a shallow metaphor, to be sure. But I quite appreciate this particular strip...


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