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Another day, another logo
After I posted the first version of the Querki logo, Aaron pointed out that it was horribly fuzzy, because I had used a raster-oriented tool to design it. Being more design-oriented than me, he decided to take the bull by the horns, and do a second draft himself.

So we've spent the past couple of weeks on back-and-forths with the design, the font, and all that. I think we've hit something we both rather like, so here's the second draft of the Querki logo:

Current Logo

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(Deleted comment)
Thanks! I suspect this is going to go through at least another iteration or two, probably with a professional graphic designer; I'll that on...

I actually thought that was part of the point, that it was coming from white to dark. I'm not sure what that says, but that's how I interpreted it.

If you put it on a dark backgroun the outlining is highly irregular. I find the yellow dot in particular disappears on white, but could be easily fixed with a little outline. Otherwise, I like it.

Aaron's actually already produced a white version, which is specifically anti-aliased to go on Querki's standard green background...

I think I liked the first one a little better, actually. I'm not sure how well this current one will hold up at smaller sizes, and the stuff inside the "Q" is ... curious. I agree with other comments about the visibility of the yellow and ... is it gray? I've had similar problems with my own logo, designed 35 years ago.

But all these comments aside, it's not bad, and if you decide to go with it, it will probably serve you well. Good Luck!

Generally nice. No kerning at all -- is that deliberate as a design element? It could be; it certainly looks better than bad kerning. I'd like to see it both ways and compare a carefully kerned version to this version.

I agree with the comments about the yellow dot being hard to focus on. The lower arrow appears more complete to me.

The arrowheads are very shallow (what with being angle brackets). There's certainly room in the Q for a more distinctly arrow-shaped head, and it might actually make the Q look less crowded as well.

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