Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

My standards have shifted, it seems

Today was moving day for hfcougar. It generally went very smoothly and quickly, as moves usually do when there are enough people involved. The only snafu was that I moved wrong at one point, grabbing for a falling box in a way that did *something* to my left hip. Nothing horribly damaged -- walking is okay, although sitting is a little uncomfortable and driving is really unpleasant. I *think* it's a pulled muscle or something, which desperately wants to keep moving, to work out the kinks.

And on the one hand, it hurts like a sonovabitch, especially while driving. OTOH, I'm dealing with that with more calm than I once would have. Far as I can tell, the past two years taught me a lot about plain old physical pain. After tearing a muscle in the Ruckus Race in 2011 (which left me on crutches for two weeks), and the kidney stone incident last year, it appears that any pain that doesn't leave me *needing* to scream every couple of minutes now qualfies as, "not so bad"...
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