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My standards have shifted, it seems
Today was moving day for hfcougar. It generally went very smoothly and quickly, as moves usually do when there are enough people involved. The only snafu was that I moved wrong at one point, grabbing for a falling box in a way that did *something* to my left hip. Nothing horribly damaged -- walking is okay, although sitting is a little uncomfortable and driving is really unpleasant. I *think* it's a pulled muscle or something, which desperately wants to keep moving, to work out the kinks.

And on the one hand, it hurts like a sonovabitch, especially while driving. OTOH, I'm dealing with that with more calm than I once would have. Far as I can tell, the past two years taught me a lot about plain old physical pain. After tearing a muscle in the Ruckus Race in 2011 (which left me on crutches for two weeks), and the kidney stone incident last year, it appears that any pain that doesn't leave me *needing* to scream every couple of minutes now qualfies as, "not so bad"...

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"not so bad" - this is why I laugh at those "how bad are you hurting" charts these days.

I hope you've taken an anti-inflammatory. I usually forget until the next day.

"not so bad" - this is why I laugh at those "how bad are you hurting" charts these days.

Are we looking at different charts, or are we laughing in different ways? What I get asked these days is to rate how uncomfortable *I* feel from 0 - 10, where "not so bad" seems a totally appropriate part of that spectrum.

Mark: Yep, nothing like some more aches 'n' pains, knocks 'n' bumps, to alter one's perspective with experience; all part of the fun of dying as slowly as possible; and other noises of maturing into older age. Seriously, best wishes for a graceful recovery - and do seek help if it doesn't come gracefully.

Thanks! Yeah, I'm keeping an eye on it, and we'll see what it's like tomorrow. I figure that if it still feels achy but not "damaged" in a couple of days I'll see about contacting a massage therapist (my usual one, sadly, is at Pennsic). If it gets significantly worse, I'll see a real doctor, but I'm hoping the fact that it hasn't done so after eight hours is a good sign...

The charts are what I laugh at.

I've been sufficiently frustrated with those charts that I've written my own version of that 1-10 scale, that actually specifies what the numbers mean.

Admittedly, it is less useful for a generic 'how bad is it for _random person_ with regard to their own experience', but it actually has some meaning.

(Essentially, if you can meaningfully respond to a question of how bad the pain is, you're no higher than a 9; if you are able to form a coherent statement in response, you're no higher than a 8; and if you are actively able to make competent decisions as necessary, you're no higher than a 6. Well, before the application of opiates or other medication.)

I also have a parallel scale for stress/anxiety.

Now I just need to get everyone ELSE to use the same scales, and everything will be fine. =)

Yeah, if I'm ever in that situation, I'll say "my top pain was Horrible Condition#1 followed closely by Horrible Condition #2. Current pain is about half of that."

I would agree with your general description of your scale (though I'm usually helping to respond on behalf of my wife). I think she usually goes with "I consider 'chldbirth' being around 8", and when she's a 6 or higher, I usually am the one passing that information along.

I don't know the charts you've seen, so I have no idea how laughable they are.
I'm quite willing to believe they're risible - how bad does it bother you? is the most useful metric.

Within minutes of it happening, yes. The anti-inflammatory effect entirely aside, I've observed that, in me at least, a fast 800mg of ibuprofen is *essential* for pain management -- it reduces things enough that my muscles don't all lock up. (Which is where the severe pain usually comes from.) So I keep it in my pouch for these occasions...

Aha. Maybe I should take that approach, too.

My impression is that it's pretty idiosyncratic, and different folks respond to different things. (To me, for example, acetaminophen might as well be sugar pills.)

But if you haven't tried this approach, I recommend doing so at some point: for me, it's remarkably effective for the sort of pains that are mostly due to locked-up muscles (such as most back pain). The ibu doesn't eliminate the pain -- it just reduces it *enough* to keep the muscles from turning into their own special problem...

(Deleted comment)
I know precisely what you mean.

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