Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Another review, on a completely different note

Mostly for my own future reference, but others may find it useful:

Folks who are over at my house have occasionally noted my small collection of nips of really-interesting Scotch, and I've mentioned that I found them at this little hole in the wall shop near Leicester Square in London, back in '95. (When Jane and I were in the UK for WorldCon, and spent the surrounding week in London. This was also the trip where we accidentally found ourselves at the truly amazing Steeleye Span 25th Anniversary Concert -- it was a pretty great week.)

When I was back in Britain with Kate last September, I found myself with a day to myself (while she was off working at her company's London office), so I spent a solid two hours prowling around that neighborhood, wandering a zillion streets trying to find the place with no luck at all. I eventually gave up and concluded that the shop had closed.

Fortunately, I appear to have been wrong. While unpacking one of those zillion boxes from my house, I found the card from the shop, so I Googled it, and lo and behold, they have a website.

So: the shop is Vintage House. They are in fact a few blocks from Leicester (I assume I just didn't look in the right direction), and if anything, they've grown over the years -- the old card says that they carry 365 malt whiskeys, but the website says they now have a stunning 1350, claiming to be the widest selection anywhere.

Hopefully they still have the great selection of miniatures. If so, I expect I'll bring a few more home from our honeymoon: while you can't bring a lot of scotch home from the UK, you can fit a lot of 50ml nips in that 1 liter allowance...

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