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Look Around You
Damn you, XKCD! You terrible consumer of my time!

So Wednesday's XKCD led, of course, to the question, "What the bleeding *heck* is Helvetica Syndrome?" A little quick research led me to this YouTube segment, which is from the first episode of Look Around You.


Summary: Look Around You is a 2005 TV series that ran on the BBC for two seasons. It is a *remarkably* deadpan parody of 1980's science-education television. Quite funny, and remarkably strange in that way that only the Beeb can manage.

Fortunately, the series is short -- a modest number of episodes, all of them pretty brief. But I wasn't exactly in need of more things to watch...

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(Deleted comment)
On the general topic of XKCD things that can eat a huge chunk of time: http://geekwagon.net/projects/xkcd1190/

OMG -- someone has actually made it possible to watch that damned thing! I left that window open for *months*, but checking in on it occasionally didn't make any sense at all...

I once saw a technical paper where if an unusual word or phrase appeared in XKCD, the google hits for that same term increased that day and the day after. :)

The first season of Look Around You is early 80s/late 70s Science education. If I recall correctly, The second season takes a different, and less successful tact of late 80s/early 90s science show.

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