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Microsoft is a Bunch of Blithering Idiots!

Okay, yes -- we all knew that. But occasionally I am reminded of the fact.

Word 2002 adds a new "formatting" layer on top of the old "styles" system. This "feature", clearly intended to make the user's life easier, just makes it far harder to actually get the formatting that you want in your document. And it took me ten minutes just to figure out how to stop using it and go back to styles (which is much more powerful and, IMO, more intuitive).

This lesson in pointless misfeatures has been brought to you by the number 1 (the average number of new releases MS gives Office every year), and the letter $ (the reason they keep doing so)...

-- Justin
Who doesn't usually indulge in quite so many Kirby-esque "quotes", but this time it seemed apt...

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