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I'm having a quiet day, and it occurs to me that a diary entry would be in order.

I'm still pretty pain-distracted. Barry and my chiropractor have managed to reduce the pain by 80-90% so far, so it is *much* better: I honestly have to characterize it as "discomfort" more than pain. But it's still pretty unrelenting, so it's still wrecking my concentration and constantly distracting me. (And while I'm off of painkillers during the day, I still need something to sleep.)

To that end, I had two doctor's visits in the past two days: a final checkin with my old doctor, and a quick one with the new. Kate finally convinced me to get off my ass and change PCPs -- going to a primary practice in Wellesley is just dotty at this point, so I've switched to HVMA Somerville. I decided to try Dr. Slavsky, based on discussions on the davis_square LJ -- as expected, she comes across as rather brusque (she's not the person to go to for bedside manner, I gather), but she's competent, knowledgeable and upfront about her opinions, which I can respect.

Aside from the pain, it looks like my health (knock on wood) is enormously improved: my bloodwork this time pretty much matches what it showed last time, which is that I seem to have kicked Fat Old Man Syndrome for the time being -- all the numbers are back down into the normal range, and have been since April. Fortunately, getting told that I needed to revamp my lifestyle came at pretty much the best possible time, when I was rebuilding my life anyway.

On the plus side, I've made a lot of progress in divesting myself of my old life. The big news is that I have sold Crossert, as of a few days ago. It was bought by a couple of Indian software engineers -- very nice folks, far as I can tell. It sold for less than I would have liked (I lost a *lot* of money on the house), but I can't honestly blame them for arguing the price down: they're going to need to do a bunch of work on everything from refinishing the floors to bringing the vegetable garden back into usable shape.

Also (not sure I mentioned this at the time), I sold the Matrix (Jane's old car) to Jesse and Rachel -- they're in need of a second car now, and the Matrix should do well for them on that.

Given the money from those, I now have some run room to pursue Querki for the next year. As I move towards opening up the Alpha release to friends and family, that is eating most of my brain, of course. By the middle of next year, we should have a better sense of whether I'm completely on crack here, but I'm increasingly sure that I've found a real market niche, and the business plan seems entirely plausible on the face of it. (Of course, I have a business plan for the next several years, before I've even got the alpha working, which feels kind of silly -- but I'm pretty sure that, once things really get crazy, I'll be happier to have already laid out the broad direction.)

And of course, the wedding continues to consume much of our time and attention. Things are proceeding apace: we now have a photographer, and are dealing with some of the smaller but important side-details. We know the broad shape of the honeymoon, and have at least some idea of what we're going to see in Italty. Next weekend, we're planning on doing the walk-through with the caterer, and start nailing down the details of what goes where.

So that's where most of my attention has been going. Hopefully we'll work through the pain issues over the next couple of weeks, and I can get myself really back up to speed again. Opening the Querki Alpha is, frankly, a little terrifying -- it is *so* simplistic still, and I am painfully conscious of how much more there is to do before it really works the way I want -- but it's getting useful enough that it's time to get some more viewpoints feeding into the process...
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