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Fascinating: so does "Imogo Mobile" even actually exist?
Today's trawl through my spam filter was kind of interesting. Normally, Google puts a couple dozen spams a day into the spam folder (after, I assume, deleting hundreds that are more unambiguously spam). Today, there were well over 200, hitting a zillion waks.org addresses. (Since I own my own domain, every company gets its own bespoke email address, so I can track who is and who isn't safeguarding my email address properly. Today, it is sadly clear that the Economist has, somehow, failed to do so.)

Anyway, I got curious and took a look, and a very large fraction of these emails are clearly attempts to drive up the stock of something called "Imogo Mobile". That made me slightly *more* curious -- it's never obvious whether the company being touted in these things is a willing participant or not, since there are ways to make this scam work without the company being in on it. So I went over to The New York Times' page on the company, which has the following blurb:
Imogo Mobile Technologies Corp., formerly Monza Ventures Inc., provides service, which integrates the features to work securely and from anywhere globally with an Internet connection. The Company's managed services model offers businesses to use cloud computing and digital telecommunications. Effective February 24, 2012, the Company changed its name by way of a merger with its wholly owned subsidiary Imogo Mobile Technologies Corp.

So, does everyone agree with me that, behind the buzzwords, that says essentially nothing? (And does so with poor grammar, to boot?) I mean, it almost reads as if it was computer-generated, by a system that isn't quite good enough.

My current guess is that this is nothing but a shell corporation that exists to be a penny stock for this stock-pick scam, which will quietly cease to exist in another month. But I can't say I'm certain -- that's driven as much by the sheer incompetence at writing the blurb as anything...

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To me that reads like it was translated from Chinese or Japanese by a computer translation program.

Hmm -- fair point. Okay, so let's see what the company's website looks like...

Yeahhhh -- okay, it's clearly a scam. The company's website has been suspended by its hosting provider. One strongly suspects that that is in the wake of today's spam wave...

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Fascinating reading -- thanks! I am slightly boggled at the notion of an eight-year-old company that apparently hasn't actually *done* anything yet. But it certainly sounds like an exceptionally bad investment opportunity...

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That bears a disturbing resemblance to some job descriptions I read when I was job hunting. The skills requested were basically a list of all of the technologies that are currently in vogue, and the description of the position, translated from technobabble, basically amounted to "the candidate will do software stuff."

I was never quite desperate enough to apply and find out whether the companies didn't know what they were doing, or if it was just that no one could be bothered to tell the HR department what they were actually looking for. Either way, not a good sign.

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