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Anyone know a good vest-maker?
For our wedding, Kate is having a dress made out of some lovely green silk. We've been toying with the notion of getting matching vests made for a few of us (me, the fathers, maybe one or two other members of the wedding party), but so far haven't found anyone with really strong vest-making experience.

Anybody have recommendations? We're specifically looking for someone with strong experience with vests per se -- the silk is expensive enough that we don't want someone who is learning on the job -- so recommendations from satisfied customers would be particularly appreciated here...

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(Deleted comment)
Indeed I have made a number of wedding dresses, but men's-wear is different: harder and I have much less experience doing it, so no go for me for this one. (And thank you for the compliment, goldsquare.)

Vintage Victorian (Katy Bishop)

Very interesting -- thanks!

If he'll do it, Master Adhemar. He makes all his own waistcoats (and often his own shirts).

Wouldn't have occurred to me. Thanks!

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