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How very odd...
I seem to be entirely unable to get to Amazon, by either my desktop or phone browsers. Is anybody else seeing this? Amazon being down would be more than a little surprising -- not only are they an important site themselves, but they run a *lot* of other sites...

ETA: Yep. And points here for best headline.

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Yeah, down right now says its down. All I can say is I used it before lunch.

"a few minutes" says Business Insider--somehow it had to be more than a few, or else all of you happened to be trying at exactly the same time.

Far as I can tell, it had been down for about ten minutes when I tried it out.

Some sites really are just that central. I hit Amazon for one reason or another several times a day, I suspect...

That would explain why I couldn't get to the Kindle store via my phone today. And now I forget what I wanted...

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