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Oh, bloody freaking hell...
It was just pointed out to me that some damned squatter went and stole jducoeur.org out from under me. I am, to say the least, wroth, and have written a complaint to my ISP (which was supposed to auto-renew that domain each year).

Odds are that I'll be taking my business elsewhere, but in the meantime, you can get to the actual *content* of the website as http://cc25703.hostcentric.com/. All the old URLs still appear to work -- it's just the domain that is hosed...

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Oh, hell. Sympathies.

Welcome to hell. Our shire's domain registrar suddenly went out of business overnight and by the time I cut thru the red tape, a squatter grabbed heronter.org, heronter.com and heronter.net so now we are under heronter.info I wasted a month and half of my free time fixing this.
-- Dagonell

Sympathies. I'd be angrier if it wasn't for the fact that I kind of consider this site mostly archival at this point anyway. The section I really care about and plan to update (the Cookbook and Games Homepage, mostly) were already going to move to Querki soon.

So at this point, I'm mostly cross because of the *vast* number of external links pointing to the Games Homepage, which are now broken. It'll take years to fix that, but it does give me some motivation to get the Querki Space that's going to replace it going...

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