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Okay -- going from .org to .com
Sadly, tons of URLs are now dead, but at least the transition isn't *too* hard. I've now set up to point to The Site Formerly Known as All URLs should work, just change the TLD.

(And yes, the .com is registered with all my other domains, so I can't lose track of it like this...)

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I presume you are going to use your domain registrar to set up a watchdog that will grab and buy the old site if it comes available?

Probably, although I'm not sure if they actually do that. (I'll have to dig around.) I'm pessimistic, but you're correct that it's worth trying...

I am presuming that the cyber-squatter wants money. If they become aware that there is no money forthcoming to buy the registration back - why would they pay annual fees to keep it?

And if your registrar does not do it, other registrars can re-register the name. You can transfer it later once you own it. :-) (I register with one site and host on another.)

Edited at 2013-08-22 03:10 pm (UTC)

There's no sign that they're trying to sell it. Instead, every attempt to go to instead goes to some random junk site, different each time AFAICT. I assume that they're monetizing that traffic somehow...

I take it there's no authority to deal with hijacking problems? - or at least not one that's cheap enough to be worth using?

None that I'm aware of. As so often on the Internet, it's a bit of the wild west -- if you screw up, there's often no recourse.

(The only hope is that the domain *may* be in a recoverable limbo state -- the registry information is still mostly mine, which surprises me. But I'm not holding my breath...)

Specifically - "It makes people who register domain names that are either trademarks or individual's names with the sole intent of selling the rights of the domain name to the trademark holder or individual for a profit liable to civil action."

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