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Querki makes my brain a very strange place sometimes
I've spent the past couple of days doing some extremely complicated refactoring -- the details don't matter, just suffice it to say that it was motivated by the desire to make it easier for Querki Space Invitations to include links to specific pages in the Space. (Mostly because I've done this a lot in the Wedding Invitation Space, and the syntax kinda sucks now. It *should* Just Work.)

This morning, the Architect woke up, pulled the Product Manager aside, and said, "Wait -- why exactly are we bothering with this? I mean, yes, it's a nice feature and all, but don't you always tell me that features should fight for their lives? If we weren't already doing this in the Wedding RSVPs, would *anybody* have thought to ask for it? Can't we just put it aside for a while?"

So the two of them got into a deep argument for an hour or two (with the Project Manager weighing in on the Architect's side), and eventually the Product Manager admitted that, yes, this feature is a "nice to have", and not even actually that high on the nice to have list. So we should tie it off as neatly as we can, and move on -- for the time being, invitations can simply point the invitees to the root of the Space, and that'll do for now.

But of course, now the Engineer is going, "Wait -- what? I just spent two freaking days on this! The code is *good*! I'm ready to implement this feature now! Waaahhhhh!"

You'd think that having all of these people in the same head would make for fewer arguments, but that doesn't seem to be the case...

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(Deleted comment)
Not sure if it's worth your time, but there was an interview with Damon Stone at Fantasy Flight Games during GenCon, talking about some cards they added to their restricted list in their AGOT card game, where he mentioned having this very argument between Damon Stone, the game designer who built a card to power certain previously low-powered strategies, and Damon Stone, the product manager who saw that very card getting overplayed and steering the way the game was played in a bad direction.

Heh. Yeah, sounds like a similar situation...

Ko-Ko: But you said just now "don't stint yourself, do it well,"

Pooh-Bah: As Private Secretary.

Ko-Ko: And now you say that due economy must be observed.

Pooh-Bah: As Chancellor of the Exchequer.

Ko-Ko: I see. Come over here, where the Chancellor can't hear us.

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