Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Okay, now you're not even trying...

As one of the admins of the Carolingian Facebook group, I've been dealing with most of the requests to join. We get around one a day on average, and about half of them are spammers. I confess that, while I've been tending to give the questionable ones the benefit of the doubt (sending them a perky message along the lines of, "Hi! Are you new to the Barony?" and seeing if they respond), that's been waning as they've been putting less and less effort into looking like plausible members of the group.

I mean, yes, it is possible that we have someone trying to join named "Yafen Xiong".

It seems slightly less plausible that Yafen looks like the pretty blonde woman in the profile picture. (Especially given that the listed gender is Male.)

It seems a tad suspicious that this person has no information except that they have two photographs and are a member of 209 Facebook Groups...

... one of which is the "Nigerian Internet Entrepreneurs Club". *headdesk*
Tags: facebook

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