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The main withdrawal symptom from LARP writing...
... is mostly that the ideas start coming to you whether you want them or not.

I *cannot* bid a game for Intercon N -- there is still way too much on my plate for the next six months for it to be sane. But it looks like I am likely going to write one for Intercon O: it hit me square-on yesterday, and it's already about half-designed. (Massage appointments turn out to be excellent for this sort of thing.) It's way out of my usual wheelhouse -- my games are always Fantasy/SF and/or humorous, whereas this one is *very* real-world and dark.

But it's too timely to ignore, and it looks likely to be a good, intense game. So for 2015, I suspect I will be writing A Respectful Calm...

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"Why do you write?"

"It's not like I have a *choice*..."

(Deleted comment)
This is one reason to run at Intercon. It's an all-LARP convention; we've been at this hotel for *many* years; and we take up much of the hotel. (Including all of the function space.) They are very used to us.

And really, by Intercon standards, this game is downright tame. Modern dress, and I don't actually expect any serious gun battles in-game (since, after all, the place is crawling with police). I may not even write a real combat mechanic, since I don't plan to encourage in-game combat.

Heck, this is *nothing* compared to Tabula Rasa II -- there, I had to invent a mechanic of "Dead Body Cards", to represent the corpses literally piling up like cordwood late in the game. By contrast, this is a more a story about lives ruined, rather than violence...

I will have to make sure I turn up for Intercon O.

Been there, done that for real- a coworker tried to bring a gun to work and kill us all he was stopped as he entered the building. I spent the week working with armed guards posted by the elevators, by the doors leading to every department, our poor receptionist had a guy siting with her at the front desk carrying three guns in case the ex coworker managed to get past the police in the parking lot, the security desk, elevators and the guy posted on the other side of the front door. It was quite the week...

Looks solid to me. Hope to see it at O. Now put it out of your mind, you have too many other beasties clamoring for attention.

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