Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Things working out better/worse than expected

+ Yesterday was ladysprite's annual apple-picking outing. I'd been iffy about attending, given how wedding-busy we've been, and the weather as of Saturday evening looked dreadful. But it seemed more plausible on Sunday morning, so I gave it a shot.

Turned out to be an absolutely *fabulous* day for it, possibly the nicest weather we've had in a number of years of doing that. Driving out was almost surreal: grey and drizzly for the first half-hour, but then a knife-sharp line across the sky and crystal-clear blue after that. So I got some social, and a small bag of apples, and a lovely morning out.

So there, weather.com: she clearly bribes better deities than you do.

- During lunch, I noticed at one point that I was slightly sniffy and scratchy, but didn't pay it much mind: Kate's allergies have been completely terrible for the past couple of weeks, and I figured I was having a bit of the same.

Not so much. On the drive home, I went from "I feel slightly sniffly" to "OMG, I must lie down now". Over the following hour, my sniffles bloomed into a right proper, knock me on my ass headcold. Doesn't seem to be anything more serious than that, but I'm a complete zombie today. At this point, my highest priority is to get mostly better before the second half of the week, when it becomes majorly inconvenient...
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