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[F'locked, on the "don't tell the world you're away" theory. ETA: now unlocked.]

We're off to Europe this evening -- flying Real And For True First Class, which I've never done before: I'll be curious to see what it's like.

I won't have my usual cell phone in Europe (it doesn't work there), and probably won't be checking voicemail, so don't try to contact me that way. When we get the newly-purchased Nexus 4 activated in Italy (Tuesday, with any luck), I *may* have phone service (or I might just buy a data plan, which is what I really care about), but I still don't recommend trying to contact me that way. If you need to get through to us, email is the best bet: the hotels have *some* wifi, and I expect to check email daily.

See y'all on the flip side...

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Give us a code word for if something goes wrong and you do need assistance? (To prevent scams... :)

Heh. Fair point -- "SCA" is the obvious one to use. (AFAIK, most scammers don't put in the effort to know anything personal about their targets beyond their email headers...)

Bon Voyage!

We flew Club Class on British Airways for new_man's birthday once and it was quite luxurious.

~waves hanky~. Bon voyage, safe flight, etc etc

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