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Let us sing... of home, our own bed, and comfy couch

Just a quick note to say that, as of yesterday evening, we are home from the honeymoon. It was generally lovely. We loved Florence, although Rome was a mixed bag, and gave us a karmic "don't let the door hit you on the ass" as we were leaving. I suspect we will return to Florence someday, but kind of had our fill of Rome.

I'll be posting all about it for the next week or two. Since diary-style entries rarely seem to get interesting conversation going, I'm mostly going to bop around from topic to topic, doing a lot of compare-and-contrast between the two cities, instead of doing a straightforward chronology. (At some point, I'll probably post my long stream-of-consciousness notes, which will be chronological and detailed but less interesting. This was a serious "Evernote is my friend" trip.)

There will be *some* pictures, yes, but not a vast number. (I believe there is exactly one picture of the two of us -- it just isn't the sort of thing we're deeply into.)

For reference, the general shape of the schedule was:

Sept 28 -- Wedding
Oct 5/6 -- Fly to London, staying with pir and Miko
Oct 7 -- Kate visits her grandparents; I bop around London
Oct 8 -- Fly to Florence
Oct 13 -- Train to Rome
Oct 18 -- Fly back to London (Hell Day)
Oct 19 -- Home

Lots more to come, likely multiple posts a day. Hope folks will forgive the temporary uptick in volume. Now, off to write an outline...
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