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Oh, freaking yay...
It doesn't just seem to be me: something is *very* hosed over at Google. I'm unable to edit anything in Google Drive at the moment (and trying to do so seems to hose Google services in Chrome). And I'm beginning to see reports from various sources of people unable to sign into Google's services from their Android phones, which is presumably related.

Are y'all able to edit stuff in Drive right now? This is, by and large, very not cool...

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6:28pm, spreadsheet, fine.

Good luck.

(Deleted comment)
I'm able to edit a spreadsheet from my personal account, but I was already in and it was already open in my browser.

Not seeing outage reports.

Seems to be working again now for me -- no obvious reason why, but Drive is now (after dinner) connecting properly again with no complaints.

I seem to have been an outlier in my symptoms: I *did* see a modest number of reports, but all on the Android side of things, with folks unable to sign into the Google servers for a while. No clue what the various symptoms might have in common...

At work today it was doing something funky with one of the spreadsheets I consult on a daily basis, but luckily is not one I need to update. When I tried to select a particular cell, it would make an outline of the wrong size, as if it was selecting a different cell elsewhere and placing the image where I clicked. Then I closed the tab and reopened the spreadsheet, and it was fine.

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