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Your king is in Atari -- check!
Surely, I can't be the only game geek who looked at this XKCD comic, and immediately started wondering how that game would work. It's weirdly tempting to try and figure out hybrid rules that actually function...
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Just last night, I was reading Douglas Hofstadter writing about the game of chesh -- which is *like* chess, but on a hexagonal board.

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Nope. :)

What I'd really like to know, though, is the rules for the 4-player game, where you have Go(ish) and Chess(ish) played simultaneously on the same board, with each influencing the other in some fashion. (Possibly with moves that are blind/simultaneous among some subset of players? Not sure.)

Time to sit down with a chess set and a go set and toy with them?


My thoughts went to the meta-game implied. Namely, rules that determine whether you are playing go with chess adaptations or chess with go adaptations. And clearly those rules depend on the game in progress.

Then my brain exploded.... eww.

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