Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur


Endless waiting, endless delay. So many distractions, all of them important, but each one another little delay.

And then the excuses end.

Change the number. Check it in. git pull. Compile. Go.


It is hard to express how utterly *terrifying* it is to expose the system to the light of day, after more than a year of planning. I am so horribly conscious of the fact that this is barely 10% of the vision -- how limited the functionality still is, and how many bugs there are. But we're definitely up to the point where it is *useful*, if far from a work of art yet, so it's time to start getting other folks' input.

I'll be inviting a few folks to join in my own Spaces today, and beginning to slowly upgrade people to full-User status. (The difference is basically whether you can create your own Spaces.) It'll be gradual over the next month -- ideally a couple of people a week -- but if you'd like to kick the tires, please drop me a note (or comment here) and I'll add you to the list.

(And a voice in the back of my mind is cackling maniacally -- "IT'S ALIVE! MY CREATION IS ALIIIIVE!".)
Tags: diary, querki

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