Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Kickstarter of the Day: Obduction

A quick pointer, since this is a worthy project that has not *quite* made its goal yet:

The older among you may remember the classic computer game Myst, and its followup Riven. The games are legendary for their combination of story, puzzles and fabulous art.

It turns out that Cyan, the company behind these games, is still around, and are trying to put out a new game in this style, carried to the next generation. So they are running a Kickstarter for Obduction, their new work. The game industry being what it is nowadays, they need to raise a *lot* of money: $1.1 million. With four days left to go, they are still a fingernail away from that goal, at about $950k. But the way Kickstarter works is all-or-nothing -- if they don't cross the finish line, they don't get any of it.

So spread the word to anybody who likes this sort of game. It looks likely to be a good game, and the Kickstarter price is pretty good by modern game standards, especially for something likely to take quite a while to play...

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