Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Kickstarter of the Day: BALL PIT

So this one is *not* desperate for a kick over the top -- they blew through their main funding goal in under 24 hours, it looks like -- but I figure some of my friends will want to join in.

Paul and Storm (who many of you know as associates of Jonathan Coulton and/or as half of Da Vinci's Notebook) are prepping their next album, BALL PIT. And they've decided to jump onto the Kickstarter bandwagon to do so.

This one isn't really about "can they produce the album" -- that was going to happen regardless -- it's mainly about the stretch goals. In traditional Paul and Storm fashion, these are going to start out by adding lots of silly little songlets, this time on the subject of useful comments during an RPG session; if they get to $60k, they're going to hire someone to write these into an app for your phone, so you can easily play the appropriate songlet at critical moments during your gaming session. (Right about now, some of you are wondering how much you can pay them to *not* produce this app.) And they're going to do collaborations with some of their songwriting friends. And as the ultimate, third-of-a-million dollars goal (which they don't expect to hit, but To Be or Not To Be didn't think it would hit its ridiculous goals either), they will rent an ice cream truck and tour the country giving away ice cream and guacamole.

Anyway, I would have bought the album anyway, so I'm backing the campaign. Some of y'all may also want to check it out...
Tags: crowdfunding

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