Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

LinkedIn needs a concept of "unwilling expertise"...

Oh, look -- I just got new endorsements on LinkedIn. That's nice.

Ah -- I've just been endorsed for Java. That's... special.

I'm really coming to think that this is one of the most annoying weaknesses of LinkedIn. Yes, I have a good deal of experience in Java, and it's worth having that on my resume in an "I have done this" sense. But I'm *not* willing to work in it any more, and I would dearly love Java-centric headhunters to stop emailing me. At the moment, my *deep* expertise is the Scala/Akka/Play stack -- that got driven home at the big Scala meetup the other day, where I wound up kibitzing the presentation a fair amount (the presenter was deeply knowledgeable in Play, but had less experience with Akka than me). I'm not one of the greatest experts in any one component of the stack, but I get the impression that I've gotten to the point of being deeper than average at how it all hangs together.

But of course, none of my LinkedIn contacts have worked with me in the Typesafe stack, and few even know much about it, so they're not going to endorse me for it. So I wind up, due to the endorsements, looking strongest in the skills that I am least interested in working in again.

(Yes, I know -- I'm probably pretty unusual in the way I try to turn over my skill set completely every 5-10 years. But at the high end of the programming biz, that's just plain necessary for survival...)

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