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Bad ways to start the day: being insulted online by someone who hasn't even tried to understand what you're talking about...

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Bad way to start the day: with a hostile person in your space angrily asking you why you don't remember where one piece of mail was dropped of 4 days prior. (pre-caffeine)

(Deleted comment)
Quite true. And I confess, I'm largely disappointed that they chose to insult me as a way of shutting down the conversation, instead of taking the risk of actually engaging with me and finding out that they could be incorrect in their assumptions; it might have turned into a genuinely interesting and useful discussion.

Still, when it happens before my morning tea, it stings...

Sadly, well understood. There are some places I don't bother to express an opinion anymore.

(Deleted comment)
Alas that sounds like much of the internet.

Bad way to start the day: sobbing in the allergists office because the brain chemistry, it is fubared.

This morning continues to have been fired, well past its expiration date.

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