Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Kickstarter: Mogees

Signal-boosting for one of the wildest-looking Kickstarters I've seen: Mogees is a deeply neat-looking project. They're basically making a stick-on sensor pad that you attach to Things, and a smartphone synthesizer app that plugs into it. The idea is that as you tap/rub/move the Things, the sensor picks up the vibrations and translates them into music, with the app allowing you to control how it does this interpretation.

For a lifelong desk-tapper like me, this looks to have a lot of potential: I don't have the discipline to be a really good musician, but I love to noodle around on things. This is part of why I like the hammered dulcimer so much: once you have the damned thing tuned, it's almost difficult to sound bad on it. So the notion of a device that, AFAICT, basically auto-tunes the world for you, is awfully appealing.

It's a bit expensive, but I encourage folks to give it a look. They're halfway to their fundraising goal, and I'd like to see this one succeed...
Tags: kickstarter

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