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Oh, right, I should mention this more broadly...
A note went across the Laurels list yesterday, pointing out that Casemate Books is having a 20% off sale (use discount code "584-14" at checkout) on their Medieval books.

More importantly to me and many of my friends, included in that sale is The Culinary Recipes of Medieval England, by Constance Hieatt, who was probably the most important scholar ever in the field of period cooking. This book was apparently her last, in final editing when she passed away, and sounds like a sort of hybrid of her Concordance with Pleyn Delit -- I gather that she took some of the relatively common period English recipes, and combined *all* of the sources to try and come up with as-definitive-as-possible reconstructions.

I ordered it this morning, and look forward to seeing it -- from the sound of things, it might prove to be one of the most useful books for the SCA cook...

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List price, yes -- but see the aforementioned 20% discount, which doesn't get taken until you get to checkout. That knocks it down to $48.

(OTOH, the prices come out to about the same after shipping, if you have Amazon Prime.)

yup. and with prime, i am paying i think 56 and getting it thursday... and see your other post about security :)

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