Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

How am I doing?

[A friend asked in their own LJ how everybody was doing. I responded with the following, more or less, and it occurs to me that I should post it as a diary entry here...]

Busy. Scary-busy. OMG busy. This is a mixed blessing. On the one hand, I love what I'm doing, and (somewhat to my surprise) still think I stand a decent chance of winning. OTOH, 20 months of working on my own is *way* too much already, and there is little hope of having co-workers for at least another year. And I've been sufficiently snowed under with work and Responsibilities that I've had damned little time to actually have *fun* with people. So the sense of social isolation is acute, and I desperately want to be done with more of those Responsibilities. Trying to force more fun-social into my life.

Deeply relieved that my elliptical machine is finally repaired (after two months of hassling the company -- another few days, and you would have been treated to some *very* irritated rants about their customer service), so I am beginning to get enough exercise again. That proves to be important to my sanity in many ways -- not just the exercise itself, but a forced 45 minutes of brain-candy TV while I do it (which is relaxing), and unpacking boxes afterwards (my usual cool-down, which is weirdly fun, organizing and weeding my prior life).

Other than that, decent. Still fighting a cough from a cold three weeks ago, and generally tired, but looking forward to spring. Kate took me to NYC for the weekend to see Book of Mormon, which was delightful -- every bit as good as I'd hoped. Also discovered an interesting Basque restaurant in NYC, and discovered the awe-inspiring culinary experience that is Eataly. (Which is kind of an Italian food store, but is the size of a small shopping mall -- it not only carries every kind of Italian foodstuff, but has five restaurants and innumerable counters inside. Any shop where you can buy a glass of good wine to drink while you browse, and then get a gelato for the road, is a *great* shop.)

Married life is still great -- evening cuddles are probably the main thing holding me together, and I quite enjoy the fact that Kate so enjoys my cooking. She is actually going through my immense cookbook collection and requesting things, with the result that I've cooked more *variety* in the past year than in the rest of my life put together. We have, of course, begun a Querki Space where we are keeping track of dishes as I make them, with ratings, notes and shopping lists.

So that's me. How are you doing?
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