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'NDuja followup: Moody's Deli
In the comments to last week's rhapsodizing about 'nduja (and lamenting the difficulty of finding it), mayica mentioned that she had seen some at the brand-spanking-new Moody's Delicatessen and Provisions, which I had never even seen before. Since they are almost across the street from Outer Limits, where I was going to pick up my comics on the way to Mudthaw anyway, I stopped in to check it out.

General impression: this is basically the Mecca of Sausage. It's notionally a general-purpose deli, with cheese and coffee and stuff, but mostly it's about the sausage, which appears to be entirely made in-store. And the variety is startling: not only do they have all the usual forms of sausage, they have a *wide* variety that I've never even heard of before, along with some that I suspect they made up. (I am deeply curious about the Porcini Sausage.)

And yes, they have 'nduja. (Whose apostrophe I have moved in deference to the apparent online consensus of where it belongs.) They were happy to give me a taste; my general reaction is that it's yummy. I don't think it's quite as richly-flavored as what I had in Italy, but I don't have a fair comparison -- the Italian stuff was melted onto pizza, whereas this was straight and uncut, and still fridge-temp. Tasty and properly deadly; once I have my grill unpacked for the season, I may need to try making my own pizza with the stuff.

Anyway, check out the store. I'm looking forward to trying out this and many other varieties of sausage there, and it seems like a place that deserves to succeed...

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I missed last week's post, but that sounds like interesting stuff - and I will pop in to Moody's the next time I'm kicking around there.

The texture as you describe it doesn't sound totally unlike some German sausages, actually. Liverwurst is usually very spreadable, and once removed from the casing does not particularly resemble other sausage.

True -- the flavor is *wildly* different, but the texture is somewhat along similar lines...

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