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Anybody need an old Cooks' Illustrated Index?
I suspect not, but just in case: we just picked up the Cooks' Illustrated cumulative 20-year Index (1993-2013). This means that our original ten-year Index (1993-2003) is now redundant. Anybody have an old CI collection who needs it?

(And wow -- I just realized how long I've been following CI. The previous Index was from when Jane bought me the full hardcover set for my birthday, and I've been following CI for a couple of years by that point...)

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Actually, yes. John would love it I think. 2003 is when he got a subscription from Andi, so there is almost no overlap, I think.

Okay, it's yours -- I'll try to remember it the next time I come up to Camelot. (Or might pass it through Thyra, if she comes to Accademia della Danza tonight.)

If that falls through, I could use it as well.

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