Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

rcn.com vs. rcn.net -- was that really necessary?

Lost a couple of hours yesterday trying to debug a problem I've been noticing for weeks now: I suddenly can't send test emails from my computer at home. It used to work fine (which is enormously useful for development -- I send a very small number, and only to myself, but they make life much easier), but they stopped working sometime since Christmas.

Fortunately, I have a well-trained sense of the capricious changes that ISPs are prone to. The error message I was getting was consistently that "querki@rcn.com" isn't a valid email address, despite the fact that all of their documentation says that's what you should put into your mailer and it's what used to work. So just for giggles, I changed that to "querki@rcn.net" -- and it started working again. How very special...

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