Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Signal boost: Solartab

Today's interesting Kickstarter project came via a post on the SCA FB group (since deleted -- apparently too commercial). It's a group of solar-panel folks who are building what looks to be an ideal device for Pennsic: a solar panel the size of a tablet, designed for tabletop use, with a fairly beefy internal battery (13,000 mAh) and two USB charging ports. They claim to be on-target to ship in July (which is made more credible by the details: the device is already designed, and they have negotiated a deal with a Chinese manufacturer), so there's a decent shot of it being ready for this year's Pennsic.

Take a look. As of this writing, there are still a few available at the early-bird $99 price. (After that it's $119 on Kickstarter, or $149 retail.) I've ordered one: charging my phone at Pennsic is a constant hassle (I love our campsite, but we are nowhere near any plugs), and this looks well-suited to my needs. (And the rest of the year, I may just stick it in my office window and use it to charge devices.)

And yes, I know -- the cell phone is a modern horror that has no business being at Pennsic. But one thing about running a company is that being truly out of touch is *not* an option for me any more...
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