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Okay, Google's Spam filtering false positives are getting really annoying
For the past week or so, Gmail has gotten *very* aggressive about dumping email from Yahoo users that are going through certain mailing lists into the Spam bucket. I assume that there is some technical reason for this (most likely, they've gotten more rigid about some email-authentication protocol that isn't working well when passing through the mailing lists), but it's getting bloody damned annoying: it's up to half a dozen false positives a day, and no real Spam that I've seen. Indeed, they're not even claiming that it *is* Spam -- they're just dumping it into the Spam folder with a message saying "we can't authenticate this".

Does anybody know of a way that those of us who can tell the difference between a phishing scam and a real email can tell them, "Yes, I know, whatever, just freaking knock it off"?

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(Deleted comment)
Ah -- yes, the timing's right. Special. And I suppose unsurprising: of all the majors, the odds of Yahoo doing something stupid are usually the best.

Thanks for the pointer...

I almost always subscribe to digest mode, which neatly eliminates. The problem as the message is being completely stripped and resent and no longer have the dmarc issue.

Perhaps the current crop of yahoo engineers think mailing lists are irrelevant in this age of Facebook and twitter.

I haven't noticed anything new because every single mailing list I subscribe to has a filter associated with it that has the little "Never send this to spam" box checked off on it. That produces the desired end result, except for needing to ignore the little notice up at the top saying "We would have marked this as spam but it matches a filter you created."

I had not noticed that flag before. Given that one of my lists has been especially hard-hit by this, that's quite useful -- thanks for the pointer!

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