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New term: Troupe
Having inspired a new programming coinage today, let's record it for posterity:
Troupe: a bunch of closely-related Actors in an Actor-based environment such as Akka or Erlang.
I needed a term for my documentation, now that a single Space is getting up to more than half a dozen *kinds* of Actors, and potentially several dozen actual ones -- there was nothing in the standard literature to refer to this collection, so I asked on akka-user. Credit to Daniel Armak for coming up with the great suggestion, based on an idea from Viktor Klang.

Yay for terminology that is appropriate, evocative, and not already being used for something...

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Any easy mapping from pi-calculus?

Don't know -- I'm not sufficiently hip to pi calculus.

I believe it's pretty closely related to an "Aggregate" in Domain-Driven Design, but that primarily refers to the data, whereas I was trying to describe the Actors that *manage* that Aggregate. (Of course, now that we've seriously broached the metaphor, that means that the Aggregate Root should probably be called the Director...)

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