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... and the phishing community goes wild...
Well, that's rather special -- GMail just offered me a new feature, which lets me attach *money* to an email. Not something that had ever occurred to me to want, but it's rather clever, and suddenly makes Google Wallet much more relevant. It finally gives them a leg up on PayPal and the rest of the pack. Any bets on how long it'll be before the lawsuits begin to fly, demanding API access so that other "wallet" services can be used here?

Mostly, though, I'm struck by the way this suddenly makes phishing scams (and money-based spam in general) more frictionless -- it now becomes easier to impulsively respond to an email by sending money. I give it a week, tops, before we start seeing spams telling woeful stories of how you can help a poor starving child by just sending $3 now -- it's quick and easy! And I bet it opens up whole new horizons for money laundering. I hope Google has enough staff laid on for all the regulatory fun they're likely to hit.

(Man, I really was working at Memento too long -- I've gotten remarkably cynical about anything involving money...)

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There are charities to which you can donate by sending a text with an appropriate hashtag. I don't know how many scams have come of that capability, but haven't heard of any.

The good news is, there are incentives for telcos to pass through the money only to actual, or at least traceable, charities. The bad news is, it gives the telco *and* a "mobile giving provider" each a large cut of the donation before it gets to the charity, and that usually happens on a 90 or 120 day delay.

One man's cynic is another's realist.

My suspicious email maxim is "Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you".

"Any bets on how long it'll be before the lawsuits begin to fly, demanding API access so that other "wallet" services can be used here?"
(Though see also http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Google_Wallet#PayPal_Lawsuit .)

oh the square cash has been doign it for a while. i email you and cc Square and put amount in the subject and square send s you email aksign if it can put money into yoru checkign account...

Yeah, but that integration feels kind of weirdly manual. This is kind of scary-smooth since it is built right into the GMail client: AFAICT, you just push the "$" button, type in the amount, and *poof* -- the money is on its way. It encourages impulse-sending in a way Square Cash doesn't.

(And I'd heard rumors that Square was getting out of that business; am I incorrect?)

i hadn't heard the rumors it has been workign so far... got any links to rumors?

No -- IIRC, it was an offhand remark in a news article about their CEO last week. Possible that I misinterpreted...

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