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That may be a new record in time spent before getting to the point
FYI for those who gave up on the strip, oh, 15 years or so ago: they have *finally* rationalized the name Sluggy Freelance. The rationalization is utterly ridiculous, of course (it involves Bun-Bun actually being an ancient god of power named Lord Sluggy), but rather to my surprise they're managing to tie together 17 years' worth of plot threads in a way that almost makes sense if you squint hard, and are willing to accept a truly insane level of time-travel complexity...

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Looking at how far I remember in the archives, it seems I stopped reading somewhere around three years ago. That's not too far to catch up, and I've always felt that Sluggy managed to get back around to making sense if you gave it enough rope.

Actually, if you only gave up a few years ago, I might recommend catching up at some point. While the quality continues to go up and down, there have been some very good storylines over the past few years. And "Mokhadun", the most recent, has been *aggressively* tying old threads together and giving a lot of explanatory backstory.

How much of this was intended all along and how much is post hoc rationalization is hard to say. But there is, as the title says, a sense that he's finally getting to the point...

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