Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Sometimes junk mail is actually fun

Since I don't object to postal junk quite as much as email spam (they're at least willing to spend a few cents sending it to me), I'll actually pass on an advertisement:

Somehow, we got on the mailing list of Rhode Island Novelty; a couple of weeks ago, we got a fairly thick catalog in the mail. It's fascinating. It's all cheap junk, but a lot of it is really cool junk, and it is impressively cheap. Just to flip through it at random, I find psychedelic pencils; 3.5" frisbees with smiley faces on them; cute little boomerangs; plush hot dog shaped keychains; gold and silver metallic derby hats; yo-yos shaped like hamburgers; 2" squishy eyeballs; half a dozen different kinds of harmonica; paddle balls with little green aliens on them; 3" sticky hands by the gross; and so on and so forth. 130 pages of it, with 20-plus odd things per page.

It's not quite as distinctively strange as Archie McPhee, but the prices are impressive. You generally have to buy a dozen or more of something, but that dozen often costs about the same as one item normally does at retail. I'm going to have to keep this around for LARP props -- it seems to be just the thing for when you need a couple dozen of some sort of odd bric-a-brac...

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