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How best to display a "choice"?
A quick pointer for folks interested in UX/UI who aren't already following the Querki Development Journal: I just posted a question looking for opinions, on what is the best default UI for choosing between unpredictable collections of "choices". If you have an opinion, please come chime in...

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Try it on a smartphone-size touchscreen display. Creating subsidiary screens is something to be avoided as much as possible, because modal interfaces are confusing on something that tends to be configured in bits and pieces. A lot of the struggle ends up trying to convince the internal customers to keep new features *off* of the front panel.

I swore off of working on anything close to a UI after my first job out of college. Fortunately, I'm only breaking that pledge slightly...

Heh. Yeah, the UI work is probably my least-favorite part of creating Querki: it's fiddly, difficult, and rarely as elegant as I'd like it to be. But it's terribly important, so I wind up spending at least a third of my time on it.

And yes, good point -- I'll need to think about how these questions play out on a small screen. (And with browser-style controls.)

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