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Pushing embroidery to its ridiculous limits

This video has to be seen to be understood. It is a heavy metal song about terraforming gone horribly wrong -- animated in embroidery. Thousands of frames of increasingly trippy animation (and increasingly dark -- this is heavy metal, after all), run through 3500 hours on embroidery machines and then filmed.

The song isn't exactly high art, but the animation's actually pretty decent, and overall, it's one of the more remarkable dancing bears I've seen in a while...

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Boggle, indeed.

The music is so not my taste, but the animation is very...different.

My first thought, was that they didn't actually stitch out the frames. Most embroidery design software lets you simulate what the result will look like, and I figured they'd done something like that, and saved themselves a lot of time, and thread. After all, even with a commercial machine, it would take many weeks to stitch those out. But no... As the making of pictures shows, and the stats they give, they claim to actually have stitched out each frame—3500 hours of embroidery. That's 1.75 person-years worth of full time work.

yup, that looks like an awful amount of effort to accompany a pretty standard doom/heavy track

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