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Now that's a lovely illustration of the danger of relying on email...
I just found an email from Microsoft (which appears to be legit), saying that they are updating their terms of service -- in my Gmail Spam folder.

(Has anyone else noticed a sharp rise in false-positives from Gmail Spam in recent months? Used to be I would see a false positive only once a month; nowadays, it's closer to once a day...)

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Hm, nope. I haven't had any issue lately.

Gmail has a very overzealous spam filter. I would *love* to be able to just turn it off, but since I can't, I have lots of filters, and every single one of them includes checking the little box that says "Never send this to spam".

I don't know about sharp, but rise, yes. I had an email from my own private domain (from/to which I bounce things all the time) show up there a few days ago, IIRC.

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