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Folks who follow the tech industry, and enjoy satire, should check out TrapCrunch. It is a parody of the big tech site TechCrunch, who were good enough to take the joke as a compliment and provide a thumbs-up. It is basically an Onion'ized version of TC, and the first day's postings are promising, with articles on topics such as Facebook launching an innovative new app named "Hey", Apple's foray into wearables with iPhone socks, and a startup whose business plan was, strangely, accurate.

It's little bite-sized jokes, much like many good Onion pieces. And it's more focused on the business side of tech, rather than the technology itself, so if you don't pay attention to the fads of Silicon Valley there will be a lot of, "huh?". (Eg, the first article above makes no sense unless you have been following the story of this week's magnificently ridiculous new fad, Yo.) But if you follow the industry, there are some grins here...
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