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Should Querki Spaces default to public or private?

This is related to a topic I tossed out in the Querki Dev Journal yesterday. The more I think about it, the more important it seems to be -- it's a subtle detail, but likely to affect the contours of Querki's overall social structure.  So I'll ask the larger crowd here.

The issue is privacy settings. To summarize the above article, Querki allows users a lot of fine-grained control over security, but to make it usable we're going to need to sum that up into a few easy-to-use options: you pick one of these, and then tweak the details if you care.  I expect relatively few people to do much tweaking.

The question at hand is what the *default* option is when you're creating a Space, Public or Private. For reasons I describe in this comment, I don't think we can entirely duck this decision -- at the least, we're going to wind up subtly influencing user choice, so I'd rather do that deliberately instead of by accident.

So the main question is, when you create a Space, which of these options is the default (or at least, on top of the list):

  • Public: The Space is (mostly) publicly-readable and commentable, a la a typical LiveJournal.

  • Private: The Space is (mostly) not readable by non-Members, a la a typical private Facebook group.

(There will also be "Hidden" -- you can't even tell this Space *exists* unless you are invited in -- but I do not believe that should be the default.)

Closely related and still important: should we be explicit about this default, or should we require that the user creating the Space make a decision? (That is, should one of the radio buttons be checked initially or not?)

Opinions solicited, at least in this quick poll. I'm very much on the fence here -- it's a less easy issue than it looks at first glance.  Comments and thoughts also welcomed...

Should Querki Spaces favor Public or Private?


Should users be forced to choose explicitly, or should there be a default?

Require explicit choice
Have a default
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