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2048 -- Circle of Fifths
I don't know anywhere near enough music theory to have any idea what I'm doing, but this is a completely delightful time-waster anyway. (I made it up to a G, with a score of 116.01% but only one full circle, whatever that signifies.) Should be played with sound on -- listening to the game is more than half the fun.

Warning: this is a 2048 variant, with all the addictive horror that implies.

h/t to metahacker for pointing it out. Now, time to attempt to stop playing and get back to work...

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The "Full Circle" means you've gotten all the way back to the note you began with on the visual representation of the Circle of Fifths the game is named for-- it's a musical concept in which you represent the relationships of the notes in the chromatic scale in a circle.

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