Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

While everyone else is frantically sewing for Pennsic...

... I am frantically *coding* for it.

Story of my life these days: when Lochleven recently re-org'ed, I volunteered for the newly-created job of Quartermaster -- keeping track of the Stuff. A fine application for Querki, but I quickly decided that easy photo import was critical for it -- if you're going to do inventory management well, you need to be able to take pictures of the stuff you're inventorying.

Yesterday was, blessedly, highly productive. With the aid of no less than three open-source libraries, I am now able to take a photo from the browser in my phone, upload it to Querki, reduce the size to Web resolution (my current contention is that most Querki use cases don't require more than 1 megapixel, so I'm clamping it to that size for now), and upload the results to Amazon S3 for long-term storage and web serving. It's actually rather neat: until recently, I had assumed I would need to write apps in order to do things like take pictures and geolocations, but HTML5 turns out to let me do a great deal in-browser.

Now to actually get all of this tied into Querki per se, so that you can simply treat a photo like any other property value. Still a lot of code to write, but once we're done, it should be one of Querki's cooler features: you'll be able to attach photos to Things quite easily, which turns out to be relevant to a lot of use cases.

But if you see me wandering around camp with my bloody cellphone out during Pennsic, that's why. It's going to be a bit of a working vacation for me, figuring out everything that we have and taking pictures of it all...
Tags: querki, sca

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