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One small step for the checkbook, one giant leap for the estate...
The releases have been signed, and the checks have been written to the Heirs At Law. After exactly three and a half years, the end is *finally* in sight on settling Jane's estate, knock on wood.

(And if I haven't said this to you personally, I'll say it here: if you haven't done so already, and you have *any* assets to speak of, Get A Freaking Will. Your heirs will thank you for it. Jane's case was relatively simple, and it's still taken bloody forever...)

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(Deleted comment)
Justin is 100% right. Make a will and set up a medical power of attorney. It's not being morbid, it's thinking of your loved ones. It will make their lives easier by reducing things they need to deal with at the time when they're feeling least like dealing with paperwork and legal matters.

Justin, I'm glad the end is finally in sight for you.


In addition to seconding the advice about a will, remember to include intellectual property in your will as well as physical. Not doing so is the reason why most of Mike Ford's work is now out of print :-(

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