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Talk about great timing
There is currently a Kickstarter running for Bellingcat, an open-source investigation site that crowdsources information to figure out What's Really Going On. And they've effectively wound up leading the public investigation on MH17, piecing information together quickly and making it available, complete with their sources and reasoning. The blog posts are a tad rich in self-promotion, but that's unsurprising under the circumstances, while they're trying to raise money.

Rather neat, and it does suggest that they're on to something. I may toss a few dollars towards this one. (Although they do seem better-suited to Patreon than Kickstarter...)

ETA: And having donated a few bucks (which gets you access to the beta site), this thing is really kind of fun.  There is an article there that systematically debunks the Russian claims about the photos that have been released, demonstrating in gory detail why the Ukrainian government's claims are far more credible.  (They cross-correlate all sorts of image sources, and show the comparisons.)  Been a long time since I've seen a news source that enjoys not just deduction, but showing its work, quite so much...