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My Mixology Space -- Falernum Flash
And *that* is why I love Querki so. Having invented a cocktail an hour ago, it just occurred to me that I should start writing down my not-infrequent experiments, so I can remember what works. I began to write it up as a simple LJ entry, and then said, "Waitaminnit -- Querki *is* the right tool for this job".

And while I have to be honest that it's nowhere near perfect yet, Querki did the task as intended: I spent less time building my first-draft Mixology Space than I did coming up with the recipe -- it took only a couple of minutes to create the Space, even in the current crude state of the system. (And even after the medium-strong drink that inspired it in the first place.) That's encouraging: at least once you know Querki, it is beginning to achieve its primary goal, that creating a new Space for a particular need is lightning-quick.

So I present the Falernum Flash -- an off-the-cuff invention based on my discovery about 90 minutes ago of the existence of Falernum Bitters. I'll probably keep updating this Space as I come up with new inventions. (And eventually will turn it into an RSS feed, once I finally write the What's New plugin...)

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OK, so I admit that I've been so focused and self-absorbed that I don't always really internalize what all my friends are doing. But did I just read that your whole Qwerki project has been a grand quest to find the perfect platform for recording the Exotic Drink of the Week adventures? ;-)

Edited at 2014-08-01 01:26 pm (UTC)

Well, not *just* for that. But it's essentially an application platform for "little" data-driven websites -- the sorts of things individuals do, rather than being focused on Big Corporate Problems. So the EMDotW club is certainly a good use case.

(And I have to say, as I start to understand mixology decently well, I'm coming to understand better just *how* bad we were at it back then...)

... and now that I reread your comment, it reminds me that I should register qwerki.net as well, because that's likely to be a common misspelling. Done -- thanks...

Hadn't even noticed my typo - glad to see it had a purpose after all.

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