Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

OMG, the paperwork

+ We're finally moving towards properly incorporating Querki. This is a very big deal: I've been holding off on inviting more people to come play until we incorporate because let's get real -- that would be deeply stupid from a liability POV. Once this is done, I'll be a good deal freer about invites. (So far, there are only about 20 users, most of them very close friends of mine who I trust.) Mind, the system still needs a lot of work, but for those willing to brave the bugs and UX weaknesses it's getting pretty useful.

- Wow, creating a C-Corp involves reams of paperwork: I am slowly working my way through 15 draft documents they sent this morning. Granted, it's almost entirely boilerplate, but I actually have strong opinions about some of the standard boilerplate, and want to make sure that I'm not signing anything I disagree with.

Points to my lawyers for having a standard-boilerplate inventions clause that is actually reasonable (I spent fully three weeks negotiating this particular point before joining Memento), but I still need to work with them to get the non-compete and secrecy clauses right. I'm trying to adopt a firm principle of not having any standard company documents that I would be unhappy about signing as an employee, and that means being just a tad less paranoid than average.

Oh, well -- a few hours of eyestrain-inducing reading is well worth getting past this milestone. Somehow, making the company official makes the whole project feel quite a bit more substantial...
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